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The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Most Squadrons actively promote and coordinate the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme for their cadets, but many don't have the resources to organise a Gold level expedition in wild-country. HBWATG has the skills and equipment and aims to organise at least one Gold expedition a year. This is open to any member of the wing who is participating at Gold level

An open meeting and initial briefing is normally held in January. This is followed by a programme of Sunday morning training sessions at RAF Halton and practice expeditions in various parts of the country, building up to the final  qualifying expedition in North Wales during the group's Summer Expedition

The 2003 team completed their expedition brilliantly in August. The weather had been extremely hot for some weeks, and everyone was concerned that the heat would increase the difficulty of what was already an extremely tough route. Fortunately, the team were fit, sensible and very well motivated, and they completed the expedition in style... click here to read a short account of the expedition by one of the team members

It is emphasised that the Gold expedition provides a daunting challenge. It's physically demanding, and you will need to demonstrate commitment, hard work and teamwork to succeed. We can provide support and training but the achievement of a successful expedition will be all yours!


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