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Website Changes

Version 5 - June 2004

Another tidy-up; added details of BELA training and planned expedition to the Andes in 2005

Version 4 - November 2003

A general tidy-up of the site structure and contents; removed some redundant information; added some new trip reports (including some by cadets) and published the first few course dates for 2004

Version 3 - 1 April 2003

This version adds details of the course programme for 2003 and makes some changes to the sections on staff qualifications, CTE and Health and Safety. Also added a trip reports section for details and photos of recent courses

Version 2 - 1 January 2002

This website first went public in April 2001 (just as Foot and Mouth disease put a stop to most of our activities) so it's time for a few changes, as well as a seasonal update to set out our plans for 2002. 

I've left the general look and feel alone - people seem to like it, and it's reasonably fast, even if you have a slow connection. If you've visited this site before you'll notice that I've re-organised the structure a little to accommodate some new topics. Nothing significant has been removed so if you're looking for a particular page, keep looking - it's still here somewhere!

As for new content, I've added some important information about the qualifications required to lead mountaineering activities following the recent amendments to ACP17, which still seem to be causing some confusion across the Air Cadet Organisation (ACO). From past experience it's likely that different Regions and Wings will interpret the rules and guidelines differently so please don't assume that anything stated here applies to everyone in the ACO, especially if you are not in Herts & Bucks Wing. Check in the first instance with your own Wing Adventure Training Technical Officer or Wing HQ

Finally, I happen to think it's essential for everyone who takes out groups of young people to be an walker, climber, paddler or whatever in their own right, so I've added the "looking outside" section to cover what's going on in the wider world of adventure training. For now I've put in a few short news items but I plan to expand this section to cover topics like the Walking Group Leader Award and BELA in more detail

Version 1 - April 2001

Initial publication


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