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Summer Course 2003

Here are some photos of this year's Summer Expedition, at Llanbedr in North Wales.  Click on the pictures to see them properly

Walking in the Rhinogs - perfect conditions for navigation training. This is "A Flight" setting a course for Pont Scethin, which lies somewhere out there in the mist. Shortly after this, they met a couple of worried walkers who had set out in fine weather, and now wished they had brought a map and compass!


Descents in the Rhinogs can be very hard. After a good walk along the ridge, A Flight take the exhausting footpath down into Cwm Nantcol before walking out to the minibus. The terrain in the Rhinogs is notoriously hard - even without the chest-high bracken - so this was good test of teamwork - and of everyone's sense of humour!


Climbing Snowdon by the Pyg track. The weather and visibility were superb, so the opportunity to climb Snowdon was too good to miss - even if we had to settle for the Pyg track instead of joining the queue for Crib Goch. 

Snowdon is a beautiful mountain, so the views were ample compensation for the busy path and crowded summit

Happy to be at the top, three hours after leaving the car park.  Some light hill fog failed to spoil the view from the top, and our intrepid summiteers use the table d'orientation to identify some distant peaks

Our descent route took us down the first part of the Watkin path then over Lliwedd, providing more splendid views and some easy scrambling


One of the most popular activities is mountain biking in Coed y Brenin, where everyone successfully negotiated the MBR trail

Wales is now recognised as a World-class area for mountain biking, and Coed y Brenin is among the very best venues, with well-maintained and signposted trails to suit riders of every standard


Time for a short rest!. The hire bikes came with front suspension and disc brakes, and were well up to the job, but the technical sections were a huge challenge - particularly for less experienced riders



Judging the slow bicycle race

For the first time, we had a cadet who could ride a bike slower than the staff!  Here, Richard shows off with "track stand" lasting several minutes, so we had to watch closely to check that he wasn't actually moving backwards


Canoeing is good fun in all weathers, but the weather was kind when we introduced cadets to the sport on Lyn Padarn 



It's essential to know what to do in case of a capsize, so everyone practiced in safe water before setting off across the lake.  She doesn't look too worried - maybe she hasn't seen the evil glint in Nigel's eyes...



Oops - over she goes...




Safely out of the boat, and breathing air again!




A new activity this year was the rope course at Porthmadoc

This high-level confidence course was just the start




This is the "leap of faith". 

After climbing a wobbly telegraph pole to stand on a small platform, cadets had to make the "leap of faith" to catch a trapeze bar before being lowered back to the ground





The trapeze bar is helpfully positioned well out of reach, so the cadets have to jump a long way to catch it




A much harder variation is to make the leap with a friend  - preferably a very close friend!





And finally: the customary barbecue on the last night brought a very successful week to an enjoyable end



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