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BELA comes to Herts & Bucks Wing


Herts & Bucks Wing started looking seriously at BELA more than two years ago. At that time we didn’t have enough staff with ML qualifications to run it, so we concentrated on getting more staff through the ML scheme

During this time, BELA has become established within the ATC and a number of Wings now have practical experience of the scheme. This experience has been documented in the latest issue of ACP17, in which ACATI 42 contains comprehensive guidance notes. These notes explain the relevance of the scheme to the ATC, describe the steps required to set up the scheme and suggest a model course structure, which was established by South & West Yorkshire Wing and has since been used successfully by other Wings, including Beds & Cambs.

We have prepared a course programme which allows the course to be completed within two calendar months, with candidates attending seven weekly evening sessions, plus two weekends under canvas and a final one-day session. Assuming our programme is approved by the BST and we complete the following prerequisite steps successfully, we aim to run the inaugural course in January-March 2005:

  1. Course director contacts BST with the proposed course programme and the CVs of the instructional staff

  2. Visit by the BST Area Officer to discuss the course objectives, programme, facilities and resources with the course director and training staff

  3. Apply to the Regional Commandant for approval to run the course

  4. Apply to HQAC for the Wing to become a “Course Delivery Site”

  5. Prepare training materials

  6. Advertise the course and request nominations

  7. Issue joining instructions to successful applicants

  8. Run the course

  9. Presentation of awards!

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