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Bolivia 2006

Herts & Bucks Wing adventure training group is looking for adventure-minded cadets to join an expedition to the Andes in the Summer of 2006

The Mission

  1. To complete a high level traverse of the Cordillera Real, in the Bolivian Andes

  2. To ascend Huayna Potosi, a 6000 metre mountain


Recognized as one of the World’s finest mountain walks, this is a demanding high altitude trek which crosses three passes over 5000 metres

An initial period of acclimatisation will be spent exploring La Paz, Lake Titicaca and remnants of the Inca civilisation. Once acclimatised, we  will spend two weeks trekking the 120km length of the Cordillera Real mountain range using high level trails, crossing a number of high passes and passing through Quechua Indian villages. Finally, we hope to attempt an ascent of one of the six 6000 metre peaks in the range


The trip will take approximately three weeks during the summer school holiday period in 2006

The cost is expected to be approximately £2,000 per head


1991 – Expedition to the Himalaya to mark the 50th anniversary of the ATC. Successful trek by 24 people in two groups of 12. The expedition also succeeded in ascending Island Peak, a 6000 metre peak near Everest

2000 – Expedition to Canada to mark the end of the millennium. Wilderness journey down the Steel and White Rivers in Ontario by 22 people in 11 canoes

2006 – Expedition to the Andes to mark 30 years of the Adventure Training Group

What next?

A team has been established to plan and organise the trip. We are working with a well-established trekking company to confirm the itinerary and budget and to ensure that the arrangements in Bolivia are of the highest standard. We already have sufficient interest to be confident that the trip will go ahead, and are looking for people to join the team. The opportunity is open to cadets (aged 16+) and staff in Herts & Bucks Wing

If you want to be part of this exciting venture, email geoffbowles@hbwing.org.uk, or contact your local adventure training group member

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