Herts & Bucks Wing

  Adventure Training Group


MAC personal kit list

The following equipment can be provided from the group store:

waterproof jackets and over-trousers
all emergency, climbing and safety equipment
tents and cooking equipment (if camping)

You will need to bring:

sleeping bag
foam sleeping mat (if camping)
walking boots (see note 1)
woollen socks
walking trousers (see note 2)
vests and shirts (see note 2)
windproof top
spare casual clothing
torch (with spare bulb and batteries)
personal first aid kit
sunglasses and sun cream
silva-type compass (should be available from your Squadron)
personal toiletries and towel
thermos flask (preferably unbreakable)
water bottle
mug, plate and bowl
knife, fork and spoon
tea towel
camera, if required (but note that valuables and fragile items are brought at your own risk)


Walking boots must be walked-in and well-fitting, with at least one pair of thick woollen socks. The soles should be thick, and should give good grip on rocks and wet ground. They should also provide ankle support on rough ground. Your choice of boots should take account of the time of year; non-waterproof fabric boots or strong trainers may be suitable in a dry summer, but they are not acceptable when cold, wet weather may be encountered. If your boots are considered to be dangerously below the required standard, you may be excluded from some course activities. For climbing, stiff-soled boots or trainers will be suitable.

Weather conditions can fluctuate widely during a mountain walk. Clothing should therefore be layered, to cope with widely fluctuating temperatures and wind conditions. Woollen or synthetic "thermal" materials are preferable to cotton, which provides no warmth when wet. Trousers should allow freedom of movement when walking, scrambling or climbing. Jeans will not be permitted for any outdoor activity, as they offer no protection against cold when wet

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