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Why do expeditions?

The Group's courses are designed to introduce cadets to adventure training and teach specific mountaineering or canoeing skills. They are simple to organise, and the cadets simply have to turn up on the right day with their consent form, course fee and a packed bag

An expedition provides a very different experience. The Duke of Edinburgh Award handbook states that the aim of an expedition is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery, requiring:

enterprise & imagination in concept
forethought, careful attention to detail & organisational ability in preparation
Preparatory training, both theoretical & practical, leading to the ability to journey safely in the chosen environment
shared responsibility for the venture, leadership from within the group, self reliance and co-operation among those taking part
determination in execution

An expedition is only the final stage of a process that will have started several years earlier. During this time staff and cadets must work together to plan and organise the trip, build and train the team, gain official approval and raise the finance

Once the expedition is underway, everyone has to work together for long periods, facing up to challenges and making key decisions as a team, with little or no external support. It only takes one unhappy, unfit or uncooperative team member to cause huge problems for everyone in the expedition

So why does HBWATG - already committed to a full programme of courses - choose to do expeditions?

staff and cadets have the opportunity to conceive, plan and organise their own expedition

the “expedition experience” stays with team members for life

an expedition works out cheaper per head than the equivalent commercial adventure holiday

the skills and experience gained ultimately benefits cadets throughout the Wing for years to come through the group’s other activities

a successful expedition reinforces the positive public image both of Herts and Bucks Wing  and of the whole Air Cadet organisation

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