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The Corps' motto of "Venture Adventure" puts adventure training at the very heart of Corps activities, and every cadet deserves the chance to take part. Sadly, most Squadrons don't have the qualified staff or resources to run adventure training activities in wild country.

In Herts & Bucks Wing, the group provides leaders, instructors, accommodation, equipment and transport to run courses that are open to cadets from every Squadron in the Wing. Every instructor is an active member of a Squadron, working with the group as an additional, secondary duty.

The group supports the expedition stage of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme at Gold level by training candidates within the Wing, and providing equipment, transport and support staff for the practice and qualifying expeditions.

Finally, the group has a vital role in recruiting, training and developing new instructors to work at squadron level, as well as with the group. Most of the group's instructors started as cadets attending group courses or expeditions. The group currently includes a number of Squadron Commanders as well as squadron officers, civilian instructors and instructor cadets. 

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